Sunday, July 17, 2011

vitamins and college

I  might as well share my next dirty secret, since I spilled the beans on my froot loop love. Apparently I love to ingest sugary rainbow colored food, like these sprinkles. Anyway, I thought the name was adorable, so I wanted to share it. I found it at a frozen yogurt place in Pleasanton. Yum!

Yesterday after work, I stopped at safeway to grab some almond milk. When I was standing in the checkout line I noticed this;

gum with vitamins!!! As a vegan, it's difficult to find enough b-12 vitamins in my diet. It blew my mind to see that they added these vitamins into sugarfree gum. I had to buy it of course!

The wrapping is super bright yellow and orange, but you can't judge a book by it's cover. Surprise, surprise; it tastes great! Woohoo for getting extra vitamins!

Each piece has 25% of your daily B-12. That's a lot! I'm excited about this, since it gives me an excuse to chew gum.

Other news in my life is that I start kids camp tomorrow. I'm a little bit nervous, since it is my first week. I set up the ascending line yesterday though, so it should be fun. I'll try to get pictures next time I set it up!

Also, I video-chatted with my roommate next year! All in all, I think we will get along awesomely, which is very relieving. She's super nice!

That's really all thats new, I'll try to post some new recipes soon. As for now, I'm off to work soon, of course!

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