Friday, July 8, 2011

monkey bread and long days

I awoke this morning to a long day ahead of me. The light at the end of the busy tunnel was the monkey bread I was going to bake. I started by babysitting for 6 hours. We finished watching the 6th movie of harry potter, to get ourselves ready for the premiere of the second part of the 7th next week. We also made peanut butter graham crackers. No pictures though, since we recreated them from Angela's blog.

After work I ran for 35 minutes, it felt great. Running for the first time in a few days feels awesome!!! What was more awesome was coming home to this recipe.

uncooked monkey bread
We followed that recipe exactly, except subbed whole wheat pastry flour for the gluten free flour.

Here's more pictures of the ooey-gooey goodness. I actually made this partly for my boss and co-workers. My boss seems to believe that vegan desserts aren't as good because of the lack of butter. Updates on what his opinion is tomorrow!!

individual baked monkey bread

baked bread

top of the baked bread, so delicious

close up of the sugary yumminess

I actually found myself thinking that I'd never had any sort of desert like this... I'm highly impressed, and very pleased. Yum!

Other updates I promised were of my dad's key lime pie.. update on the pie is the following:

"It doesn't even taste vegan," said my neighbor/sister/life time best-friend Caitlin.

"yum," says Irene. Success :)

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