Monday, July 11, 2011

sorbet and Ron Weasley

This week I'm working 40 hours, split between the two gyms, and two families of babysitting. To say the least, I'll be quiet for the next few days. I love my jobs though, so I'm not complaining! My break this week is going to watch the Harry Potter premiere at midnight on Thursday night. I'm SO excited to see a Ron Weasley old enough for me to marry :)

This morning with the kids, we made lime sorbet. I didn't get very good pictures, but here it is in their ice cream maker.

The sorbet is simple to make, just need sugar, water, and lime. I cut the sugar down by more than half, and it turned out EXTREMELY sour.. The kids both put honey on top of theirs. Next time I would add in truvia or stevia or something.

Here's the ingredients, based off the manual of the ice cream maker.

Basically you boil the sugar and water, let it cool, add all the ingredients to the ice cream maker, and switch it on for 25-30 minutes. Super simple, and super delicious. Obviously we used lime instead of lemon, but this also works well with oranges.

An update on the monkey bread.. my boss LOVED it! as did the rest of my co-workers that tried it. For sure a winner in my book. I'm making some again for the HP premiere on Thursday. Have a great week you all!!

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