Friday, July 1, 2011

meat market and sunshine

It's so hot today my chocolate chips melted on the drive home from trader joes. I'm not kidding, the corners were all melted.. If i hadn't rushed them into the fridge I would have taken a picture.

In other news, I'm still a vegan.. There was no real meat at this "meat" market my friend Emily and I went too. It was strictly all vegetarian [and mostly vegan] "meat". It was actually quite an adventure. Here is the link to their website. The place is called layonna, and resides in Oakland's chinatown. I heard of this place from my vegan co-workers, who said it was pretty amazing. Although I was slightly disturbed by how real some of the food looked, I was pulled into the fake chicken. This is the same chicken that a very delicious vegan restaurant called Herbivore in Berkeley uses in their dishes. Emily and I HAD to buy it.

We went back home to cook- stir fry!

We threw in onions, zucchini, fake chicken, and some japanese noodles that were surprisingly high in protein. Here's the chicken package:

The veggies were picked up at a farmers market that we randomly walked by on the way back to the car. Both were extremely cheap, but tasted delicious! You have to love local food.

Here is the finished dish, with some trader joe's soyaki on top!

Overall, layonna's was a good experience. Although really pricey, I felt like the chicken was a good buy.  I have so much leftover, I'm not sure if I will be able to use it before I leave for NYU. Looking forward to more stir frys!
I'm off to run in this heat, maybe I'll make some ice cream later!

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