Wednesday, July 6, 2011

normal food and recovery

Hey ya'll, a bit late on this post.. I've been super busy. Not only have I been working almost non-stop since I graduated, but I'm also determined to use up every vegan baking/cooking ingredient in my house before I leave for NYC. That being said, here's a picture of my fourth of July breakfast... Attempting to be somewhat festive:

Raspberry pancakes, with a tall glass of kale/berry/protein smoothie. There's the red and semi-blue! I guess the white can be the newspaper.. My fourth was very uneventful, I hung out with Irene since she's still pretty immobile from her knee surgery.

Today before babysitting I stopped at whole foods for the first time in months (thank you Berkeley Bowl), where I picked up some vegan cheese. After coaching and climbing (more on that later) I came home to make stir fry, and vegan grilled cheese!

The stir fry is just mushrooms, cubed tofu, and spinach mixed with some of Trader Joe's soyaki sauce. Delicious!
The grilled cheese is on a whole wheat bagel, and has tofurkey inside as well. The daiya cheese melted really nicely, although it was very flat and had no volume. Regardless it was devoured pretty fast.

Alright, for some non-gluttony news, I [finally] got my lead card, or got lead "certified". That means that I'm allowed to lead climb and lead belay in the gym. Lead climbing is a lot more dangerous than the "normal" top-roping that most people do in gyms. Lead climbing is also used outside, since you set up your own ropes. I got a beautiful purple card that says I'm allowed to lead in the gym. Woopie! I've been climbing hard for sure.
The recovery section of this post is saying that Irene's doing very well. We've been sharing super healthy food together, so that she can fuel her body in the correct way.

I'm planning on making key lime pie for my dad, peanut graham crackers with the kids I babysit, and monkey bread for my vegan-cautious boss. Stay tuned!

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