Friday, December 9, 2011


Lots of blog posts recently, mainly because I find myself sitting in side a lot; doing work, or not finding other things to do. That sounds ridiculous since I live in New York City, but all I want to do is climb really hard. This whole shoulder pain is really bringing me down in multiple ways. I'm trying to keep up a training regime of running or some form of cardio, and muscular work; but unable to participate in my favorite activity sucks a lot of motivation out of me. I don't consider myself any sort of hard-core climber, or a "serious" one; but its really what I look forward to most weeks. I'm young, just beginning my climbing career, and so far I'm loving every minute of it besides the injuries.

I find out the results of my MRI on Monday- and I'm hoping for the best. Resting my left shoulder and arm has helped the pain a lot, but if I try to use it for some sort of activity, it flares up again. Overall, I'd be content with the diagnosis of some simple physical therapy, because that means I can climb again soon. Worst case scenario would be a torn rotator cuff, which could include surgery. I'm really hoping for nothing of that sort- since I can't imagine having to cease all activity for months at a time again. Last time I had surgery on my foot I was out of commission for almost three months, and on a very tight leash for the following months. Sometimes, I still feel like I'm not back in shape from that surgery.

On another note, finals week is coming up, and I only have four more days of class. That means I've just spent the last four hours in front of my computer attempting to write a ten page paper while slowly becoming more and more stressed out. I'm ready for this semester to be done, as I feel very burnt out. I need some me time, some silence, and most of all some time to relax and not be constantly stimulated by people or work. I'll be staying in New York until January, so that I can work in Brooklyn, and can't wait to be able to explore the city without having homework looming over my head. I'm also a bit excited to live by myself in this apartment for a week or two- I need to be alone and away from over twenty 18 year-olds.

This is a somber and a bit depressing post, but that is whats going on in my life. Don't get me wrong; I'm really happy here at NYU and NYC (most of the time), and content with my decision to come here. Climbing and the quiet lifestyle I was used to back at home is something I really miss; and can't wait till I can have peace and my muscular health back.

On a good note, I am happy to say that I ran pretty hard this morning, and it felt great. I also visited Chelsea Markets for the first time, before sitting down to write. Sometimes its good to get out, and away from this dorm. As for now, I have to finish this paper before I go off to work.. but here's what I really wish for...

green.. serenity..

peace and quiet, fresh air & trees

climbing in general

the peace of warm sun (it's cold here!)

Wishing everyone who spends their time reading this a great day- I'm pretty optimistic that it'll get better in a week or two!

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