Monday, December 12, 2011

vegan at NYU 101

As a freshman, I'm forced to have dining meal swipes, regardless of the fact that I have a kitchen in my apartment. For the first half of the semester I rarely used the dining halls, as I cooked all my own food bought at the local farmers market or at trader joes. However, I realized pretty late that I should use up my meals since they are already paid for. Therefore, for over the past month I've basically eaten out of the dining halls.

I'm used to accommodating myself to non-vegan type places though, and have come up with strategies. First meal I'll share with the community is a vegan stir fry compliments of the Weinstein dining hall.

Step 1. grab all the vegetables you want from the salad bar and put in your take out box.
Step 2. make sure to add some brown rice from the burrito station
Step 3. optional: ask for guacamole from the burrito station, and grab a handful of tortilla chips
Step 4. go home and cook stir fry to desired taste!

I used tofu, onions, spinach, baby corn, zucchini, mushrooms, bell pepper, and some sort of green bean.
I also had brown rice and added garlic salt and soyaki sauce on top. Delicious!

I also skyped with my twin and dog during the time that I cooked:


In other news, I got my shoulder results; and it looks like I can't climb for awhile, until I rehab it fully. I'm seeing another doctor when I go home to California in January. I'm pretty bummed, but I guess I'll have to supplement my passion with something else. I've got to go cram for finals now..

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