Friday, December 23, 2011

holidays and presents

I have so much to talk about in this post. First things first... I decided that I needed to buy myself a present. Check it out!

It's a bike! I bike to work and back, and for fun along the river. Bikes are really cool things.. because after the initial payment, its basically free transportation. Plus, its a really fun way to exercise...

In other news, I experienced the coldest weather I've ever experienced..

That was last sunday, where I had to go to work. When I left my apartment, it was 21 degrees outside, but "felt like 12" according to my computer. I was freezing- but I'm alive!!!! It hasn't snowed yet though :(

I'm working 40 hours a week until I leave in January. After that, since I was hired as a seasonal employee (winter months are busy in gyms) I'm not sure if I'm going to still work at Brooklyn Boulders. Regardless, I'll enjoy the next week and a half I have in NYC. I work 8 hour shifts, so lunch is sometimes sort of an issue. However, I figured out a way to be healthy at work, by getting a gluten free meal that doesn't take much time or effort to prepare beforehand.

This is a kale rice noodle bowl, all made by Trader Joes. The rice noodle soup bowl comes as its own package, in three flavors, and then I add kale on top of it so that there are vegetables in the soup. Really simple, and really fast. It has a lot of sodium, but really fills me up. It's pretty good in a squeeze.

I tend to put the kale in before I microwave it, so that the leaves are nice and soft when I go to eat it.

The last thing to say is; it's Hannukah!

While I'm not at home, I still lit candles the first night in an NYU dorm. Happy holidays everyone! Tomorrow I'm off to Jersey for christmas to spend time with my Jewish relatives, then back to work on the 26th.

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