Saturday, December 3, 2011

DC Part 1

For the past day I've been in Washington DC with my Dad, exploring and learning about our country's history. I've never been to this city, and its one heck of a place. So far I've seen the white house, the washington monument, the capitol building, the library of congress, a procession of obama driving somewhere, and a lot of delicious food.
I got here on Friday pretty late, after taking a train from NYC. After arriving at the hotel, I took a run towards the white house, and then circled the washington monument. It was a pretty historical run, as far as I'm concerned. Our hotel is amazingly big- and has a full kitchen.

After I showered, Dad appeared; so we went to a vegan place near our hotel for dinner. The restaurant is called cafe green and was absolutely delicious. Disclaimer- this is all my own opinion, Cafe Green doesn't even know I'm posting this review. We had an appetizer, and split two entrees and a side. Our entrees were mac and kale, which was gluten free mac and cheese in some vegan cheese sauce, and lemon sauteed kale. So delicious- especially since I LOVE kale. The other entree was some sort of korean bowl, with brown rice, more kale, sweet potato noodles, and a scallion soy sauce. Both entrees were gluten free, except the soy sauce. My dad and I both agreed that the sweet potato noodles were out of this world! For dessert I picked up a bag of kettle corn, since I was craving salty and sweet.
This morning (Saturday) we got up, had breakfast in the hotel, then set off on a day of tourist attractions.

First stop was the library of congress and the capitol building. We only went inside the visitors section of the library of congress, but it was interesting. We read about the beginning of the declaration of independence, the constitution, and the bill of rights. I think I learned more from that half hour tour than I did my entire american history class in high school.

After that quick stroll we went to the newseum, which is a museum about news. We spent almost five hours in the museum, learning about all types of interesting things. It was a really neat interactive museum, probably the best I've ever been to. At one part you could see almost all of Pennsylvania Ave, by going outside on an observation type deck.

After that we walked towards the international spy museum. On the way we saw a holiday market, and decided to walk through it. The spy museum was pretty interesting, although nothing compared to the newseum. The information was really different, and seeing all of the actual spy equipment was awesome.

By that point, I was pretty hungry, so we went to a chain place near the spy museum. This place was called teaism and was actually really delicious. I got two sides; green beans, and a sweet potato salad. My dad got an oatmeal cookie that he said was absolutely delicious. My food was also very good, but nothing compared to what else I purchased at the restaurant.

This, my friends, is the best chocolate I've ever eaten. Thats a lot coming from me, since I really usually don't like chocolate. The only reason I picked up this expensive chocolate bar was because I love peppermint, and I thought it might taste like peppermint bark. Oh man, this is so delicious. I can't even begin to describe how delicious it is!!!! When given the chance, I say spend the money and get it.

Now I'm doing homework before we are off to dinner, tomorrow I believe we're visiting Lincoln, and maybe seeing another museum before I'm back to NYC!

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  1. Sarah is right. The food in DC is much better than I expected. And the Newseum is one of the best museums I have ever been in - fantastic!