Monday, November 26, 2012

Vegan gluten free brownie explosion

I love trader joes.. Brought some stuff back to Colorado from California, and now can't wait for Boulder to get their own Trader Joes!

Gluten free brownie mix (from TJ's), semisweet chocolate chips (from TJ's), and vegan marshmallows (from whole foods). Yum... perfect study partner for my biology midterm tonight. :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's been awhile...

Lots has been going on in the past 21 days since I posted. I went home for a week, came back to my new home (Colorado), and bought a new bike (!!!). Enjoy the pictures, I'll post a recipe soon!

California running 

missed my bicycles during the week at home

the lake near where my parents lived- ran 9 miles around it

new bike hanging out in Colorado

sunrise in Colorado as I left for California

Wendy, the dog!

more California running

California forests on the back part of my 9 mile run 
vegan, gluten free smores to welcome myself back to Colorado! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

CU Triathlon team

 I used to run cross country and track in high school, and having a practice that was mandatory and had structure was really good for me. There wasn't much for me at NYU in terms of a team, or people to workout with or work towards something. Here at CU, I found a team that fits... the triathlon team.

I've never done a triathlon, and especially coming off shoulder surgery, I'm not ready for one. However, I love working out with people, having set things to do in my workout, and joining a team of awesome people with similar interests. I'm looking to do a triathlon in the future, but not for a long long while. Now my week consists of different workouts, and let me tell you... I'm pretty sore! We have a schedule or practices, everyday except Friday (although they encourage swimming on Friday). Some days there are two practices, and some are long practices.

I love it.. I love cycling, I used to love running (before surgery- since I recently got cleared), and I'm finding a new passion for swimming. I feel like every time I go to practice I swim the farthest in my life, run more miles since last summer, and that I'm cycling faster and stronger.

my favorite place on Campus- right behind the gym ;)

Although this team is a huge time commitment, I'm happy to say that within the first few months of my experience at CU, I feel more like a part of something than I ever did in my whole year at NYU. I've become involved in three great programs on campus, and this is only one of them..

This morning we had our first time trial, which to say the least was pretty difficult. I woke up with a sore throat and a cough, but decided to push through it anyway. The bike route was 13.2 miles and the run was 3.1 miles. The swim was an 800, but it was in the morning before we set out on our bikes. In total I actually biked 28 miles today, because we had to get to the bike start, bike, run, then bike back to home. I'm pretty tired now, and my throat hurts even more, but it was worth the experience! Prepares me mentally for a real triathlon, and shows me what I need to train.

Since that was a lot of words... here's some pictures of what I did Thursday night.

Anybody recognize who was at my school? :)