Monday, May 21, 2012

one armed cooking- stir fry

While still in recovery, it is a bit hard to cook for myself. This weekend my twin came home to help me recover, so I ended up cooking stir fry with her help. Although I did the cooking one-armed, she helped chop up the vegetables. Many thanks to her!

This stir fry was very simple, and didn't take long to make.

-sprouted tofu
-bell pepper
-green beans

-turn on heat, spray pan with olive oil or other oils, and toss in tofu
-break up tofu with spatula
-when tofu is softer and more broken up toss in all vegetables
-stir occasionally, and cook until tofu is a bit brown and vegetables are soft
-throw on some spices (I used chili powder and paprika) and stir in some salsa
-eat plain or with tortilla chips!

before the spices and salsa
with spices and salsa

I enjoyed this since it was simple, easy to make, and healthy! Thanks to my twin sister for the help this whole weekend, from getting up at 4 AM to help me take pain pills, to strapping my seatbelt in since I can't.

I also had help from lots of friends and family, but most importantly my two beautiful dogs:

Wendy watching me cook

Bevy helping with the dishes

Wendy and my twin Carolyn in the background eating some bread

Bevy just being really cute
I may go bike at the gym today, but besides that not much is going on in my life. Just trying to eat healthy, stay hydrated, and rest when my shoulder hurts. :)


  1. good for you for cooking despite your injury! i hope it heals quickly! cute dog! thanks for sharing!

  2. ummm your dog is adorable!!! miss you tons! wish you were here to go for a ride!