Friday, May 11, 2012

Great day, great ride

Yesterday was a great day! I walked over 15,000 steps (according to my pedometer watch), biked almost 18 miles, and saw lots of great people and things. I didn't study one bit for my finals, but everyone deserves a day off to relax, right? I started off the day with a great workout at the gym with my friend Lucy, which always just sets me in a great mood.

After that I walked the two miles up to meet my Cousin Eileen for lunch. We went to Le Pain Quotidien, which is a chain of restaurants that I really can't pronounce. We both had a great salad, and I really enjoyed her company. Having family in the city has been awesome, and Eileen is one woman to look up to.

After our goodbye I decided to walk back downtown to my dorm, since it was beautiful out yesterday. From there I grabbed my bike (for the last time in NYC) and headed off to Brooklyn to meet my friend Mac from WE Bike. We rode over to Queens, then to Roosevelt Island. I've wanted to go to Roosevelt Island for quite awhile, but never really took the time to make it there (nor did I know you could bike there from Queens). It was still an awesome day, and spectacular to see this tiny island before I left. It's very green and peaceful.. and I totally like it.

The island is also very historical, which was cool to see. Super super serene!

I hastily got ready when I got back from that ride, to get ready to go see RENT with a friend! I know the entire soundtrack by heart, and have seen the movie countless times, so it was really exciting for me to go see RENT in New York. I've never seen a show here, nor do I have much desire besides this production! It was totally on my bucket list too, which is good! The show was fantastic, and I'm glad I went before I left.

Today I'm studying and had to leave my bike at the store to get boxed and shipped home. Because of my shoulder surgery, I can't ride my bike for 5 months.. which makes me one sad camper. No time to think about that since I have to study for my nutrition final! 5 days till I'm home in California and done with my first year of college!

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