Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Goodbye NYU!

I finished my finals, and just waiting for my grades before I can officially be a Sophomore in college! Crazy! I go home in less than 8 hours, so I'm off to sleep for a bit before I have to haul ass to JFK. Here's a few pictures of what I've been eating (or treating myself to) these last couple of days:

vegan gluten free canoli!

acai soy yogurt with rawnola and bananas

vegan gluten free thin mints!

lula's sundae- drumstick scoop, butter pecan scoop

twin sundae with my friend Janelle!

I have totally been eating salads, vegetables, and healthy things as well, but the above pictures are more picture worthy.

The vegan gluten free thin mints are from Goodie Girl Tribeca, a local baker who is super dietary restriction friendly. I tried these cookies at the Vegetarian festival awhile ago, and then on a whim remembered them on Sunday. I immediately emailed Shira (the owner/baker) and asked if I could pick up a dozen. She was super helpful, and when I got the cookies today I totally ate two. DELICIOUS! I remember loving thin mints.. and these are perfect. I plan on eating them after surgery to help keep the pain down. If you order from her (she ships!) make sure to say vegan or non-vegan! There's tons of other cookies on her website, along with other sweets. Totally worth every penny!

I'm sticking those delicious cookies in the fridge as soon as I get home, along with my gluten free loaf of bread. Then I'm running on dirt, visiting Berkeley, food shopping, and unpacking before I have my shoulder surgery on Thursday. Hope everyones eating as delicious as I am :)

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