Monday, April 30, 2012

Freshman year, almost complete!

Only one more week of class here in NYC. Finals after that, then I go home to have surgery and live in California again. Studying, last minute projects, and stress are looming over me but I still find ways to enjoy myself. I honestly haven't been cooking much, since I have to use the last of my meal swipes. I've occasionally been making soup, but besides that it's pre-made food for me! I also am allowing myself free reign of my bank account, to buy any food that I can't find elsewhere in the world. Meaning, go out to eat, or order take out at restaurants I still have yet to try, or love to death. Here are a few pictures of that :)

vegan gluten free mac and cheese from s'mac! yum!

bundt cake and vanilla ice cream, shared with some of my Jewish Fellowship friends

cashew and oat waffles with caramelized apples and maple syrup
I've been to The Cinnamon Snail truck before, but man oh man these gluten free waffles took the cake. They don't look that good from the picture, but they were just absolutely amazing. Oats and cashews blended and cooked, with amazingly sweet but not fakely sweet apples, and pure maple syrup. There was no added sugar in this, only maple syrup and agave. Perfect, beautiful, and something I'll have to re create.

Yesterday after I rode with the ladies from WE Bike, I still felt like moving. Since I didn't have a ton of homework, I decided to stroll around Tribeca (a neighborhood of NYC below Houston and on the West side) and explore.

Pretty area, glad I got to see it before I head back to CA. The other thing to do before I leave is see all 5 boroughs, which I will on Sunday when I ride the 5 boro tour with my team. So excited! :)


  1. Good luck on finals! Your posts about the Cinnamon Snail make we want to hop a plane and try it immediately.

  2. The mac and cheese looks great.