Saturday, April 14, 2012

The first lady and cats

I haven't been climbing, and I haven't been cooking much, so this post is just a miscellaneous post about my life in the past week or so. Get ready for some pictures :)

NYC! (but that isn't new)

my room.. I'm showing it to a bunch of incoming NYU students tomorrow- it's a bit purple!

I saw Michelle Obama on the Colbert Report :)

my kindle broke :( I was in the middle of "Born to Run" which is actually an amazing book

check out the dude on the street with a cat on his head!

bike riding :) west side highway

biking with my woman's group!

under the George Washington Bridge looking at Jersey!

beautiful day, beautiful 30 mile ride

:) Very excited to share that I now know how to fix a flat on a bike! And I'm riding stronger than ever :)

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