Saturday, April 7, 2012

spring in New York

It's been relatively sunny here the past few weeks, which makes this Cali girl very happy. I've been running and biking a lot, so there isn't that much to share. I wanted to post some pictures to show New York at it's finest however.

Dig this contrast... :)

I randomly saw over two dozen eggs on the street, and a block later saw a bunch of blooming tulips. The things NYC will show you..

After this little visual mix-up I went to a Passover seder at the Jewish center on campus. It was really really fun, although not the same as home seders. To celebrate the holiday, my friend and I went to Lula's Ice Cream after the seder. Lula's is an all vegan ice cream shop in the East Village, that is handmade and absolutely amazing. I don't go here very often (although I could eat this ice cream three times a day it's so good), but when I do it's a treat.

My friend and I shared a sundae:

From the bottom up, peanut butter fudge scoop, caramel scoop, hot fudge, chocolate chips, coconut whip cream, and a cherrie.

unbelievable... just what spring needed :)

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