Sunday, June 3, 2012

Salad June day 1-3

If you read ohsheglows you'll notice that Angela started a salad month for this month of June. I mentioned this to my older sister Irene, and we both decided to do it together! I can use a few more veggies in my diet, so this will be a good challenge for us. Here are the salads for the first three days of June!

June 1- whole foods salad

June 2&3- homemade salad for dinner, and then breakfast
Going backwards a bit since I haven't had internet at my apartment, last weekend my older sister came home for Memorial Day, and we went out to brunch with my parents in Berkeley. We went to Venus, which is a local, sustainable restaurant located in downtown Berkeley.

Dad & Blackberry lemonade

vegan stir fry, home fries, corn tortillas
It was great to see my older Sis, and I enjoyed the company and help with moving into my apartment.

Speaking of my apartment, I live in walking distance of a huge hill to hike up. When you get up to the top, you can see the whole Bay, San Francisco, and lots of Oakland and Berkeley, which I showed pictures of in my last post.

Also very close to my apartment is the Greek Theatre, where I saw The Beach Boys on Friday night with my twin and mom. It was awesome!

Now I'm all caught up with my life and what I wanted to share. I'll be posting a lot about my salads hope everyones had a great two past weekends :)

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