Sunday, June 10, 2012

Quinoa Salad and Salad June Day 5-10

I finally switched up my salad variety after eating my generic plain salad for many many days. I went home this weekend to walk a 5K with my father, so I made a huge huge quinoa salad after going to the farmers market.

-1 cup dry quinoa
-2 cups vegetable broth
-crimini mushrooms
-bell peppers
-green onions

-boil the quinoa and vegetable broth together
-throw in sliced mushrooms
-simmer the quinoa until fully cooked
-throw in chopped kale
-cool completely
-toss in bell peppers and onions

finished product! so good!
Feel free to add spices to the quinoa mix, it may jazz up your salad. I plan on eating this until it runs out.. then figuring out my next salad move. For now, it's relaxing from a long day of work.


  1. Ummm this looks DELICIOUS! Think I'll try and make it later this week. Tried out my clip shoes and did my initial fall. You would have been proud :o)

    1. yea falling hurts.. but it gets so much better after awhile :) I know you'll get it!!!! You probably already have after that crazy long miler.. :)