Friday, January 6, 2012

running on dirt again

I've been home for a few days now, and haven't done much besides catch up on sleep, see tons of people I love and have missed, run on dirt and hills, and work again at my old gym. I also made the most delicious gluten free cupcakes with my twin sister. :)

The mix came from a place in Oregon, near my sister. These were the most delicious snickerdoodle cupcakes ever. Not hard to make, even easier to eat. That satisfied my sweet tooth, and was great to come home to.
I've actually been eating a lot of gluten in the past two days, because I'm finally getting tested for celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Woopie.

Although this is a climbing blog it looks like there won't be any climbing for quite awhile. I may still write about it, but won't be actively climbing for at least a year. I'm planning on having surgery on my shoulder to repair my torn labrum in May, after school is over. After that it's about 9-12 months before I can climb. There isn't much to talk about besides the fact that I'm bummed. I'm planning on biking 2012 miles this year though, to make up for the fact that there will be no climbing in my life for all of 2012. After surgery, I can crank out some of those miles on a stationary bike. Thats something to look forward to!

Tomorrow is my 19th birthday, and I'm planning on spending half of it hiking and the other half eating delicious food in San Francisco.

Next post will be more about the hikes I've been going on!

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