Monday, August 1, 2011

soul food and tahoe

I've had a very busy weekend. First, I went with my co-workers to a place called "souley vegan" in Oakland. It was DELICIOUS. I had a crispy burger (forgot the name?) I think. Whatever it was called, it was VERY good.. It was a whole wheat bun with pickles, bbq sauce tofu, crispy "chicken" tofu, lettuce, tomatoes, and vegan mayonnaise. So so so good. Huge, but delicious. I have to go back before I leave for New York.

You can see the bbq tofu, and the crispy tofu on top. So delicious!!!

Speaking of New York, I leave in 26 days... Eek! I have yet to pack...

This past weekend I took a weekend off life and went up to Tahoe with my friends Trevor and Matthew. It was awesome getting away from work and stress for a few hours. I've only been to Tahoe once, when I was really young. Anyway, we left after work on Friday, and didn't come back until Sunday night. It was a really great weekend. On Saturday, we went hiking... IN THE SNOW!! Although I'm a Cali girl, I've never "officially" been to the snow. I've seen snow twice, but both times in a t-shirt and with sun. Regardless, it was so so so exciting to walk in snow. I also have never seen snow fall, and I can't wait to see it in New York. From what I've heard, it's beautiful! We hiked 6 miles total, 3 up to the top of a 9,109 foot mountain, then 3 back down to the car. It was difficult for me since I'm so out of shape, and also since I'm not used to that sort of altitude. Here's a picture of me at the top of the mountain.

Photo credit goes to Trevor, who also gets credit for picking an awesome hike. Here's a picture of the snow from the top.

I'm working a ton this week, as well as house sitting/ dog sitting. I think on thursday my friend Emily (aka vegan buddy) is coming over to make homemade spinach crusted pizza. I'm so excited! I'm off to get ready for tomorrow, since I have another double day of work (and hopefully working out). Hope everyones weekend was as great as mine!

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