Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Castle Rock and routes

Although I haven't blogged for awhile, I've been extremely busy. I've been working like crazy, but also packing for college. 11 days till I leave my home for the first time! I better buy some froot loops or peanut butter cereal when I get there..

On Sunday my boss Ryan took myself and my co-worker Charlotte to castle rock, a climbing place out near  Santa Cruz. It was AWESOME! I've never had the time to really go outside before, but I'm so hooked. I couldn't get very many pictures, but I did get a picture of the rope climb we climbed.

It's pretty blurry, but that's about a 10.A 3 bolt slab. Castle Rock was very pretty, especially since the sun was out. After we roped we went and bouldered a bit. Outside climbing is totally different then gym climbing for not only the obvious reasons (no tape), but also for the feel of the rock. It's pretty rad though.

Of course I'll still climb in the gym, especially since there's a new route and Berkeley Ironworks called "N.Y.U." my friend "Cuz" (that's his set name) is a setter for touchstone, and told me that if I bring in purple tape before I leave he'd set me a route with it. They don't use purple duct tape, since it looks like blue and black. Regardless, I brought in the tape, so he set a 10.C with purple stripes, and then proceeded to name it N.Y.U. in honor of me leaving. I have yet to climb it, but I can guarantee that it'll be my favorite route ever.

There is the start holds. It may not look that purple, but check it out in regards to the blue that's next to it:

To say the least... It's BEAUTIFUL. I'm so psyched to get on it after Wednesday.

Speaking of Wednesday (tomorrow), Cuz, my other co-worker Nicola, and I are going out to the Lovers Leap in Tahoe, to trad climb. Trad climbing is where there are no pre-set anchors, and you use cams to get set in the wall. I'll take pictures for sure on this trip. I've never trad-climbed, so Cuz and Nicola are graciously taking me before I leave. Cuz (his real name is Brian) is an avid trad climber, and Nicola's just learning-which is super rad. I'm pretty excited!

There's no food this post, but like I've said, I've been pretty busy working and stuff. Today I have to try to finish dorm shopping as well as work 5 hours-then I'm off to spend the night near Tahoe so we can get an early start!

More later!

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