Friday, August 26, 2011

bagels and goals

I'm not quite sure how to start this post.. Tomorrow I'm leaving the Bay Area for college, a day earlier than we planned. Originally I was going to leave Saturday, but because of the hurricane, mom and I will be there Saturday morning. I'm ok with that- just not mentally prepared for the early leaving. It'll be a fun last day though since I have work than a huge staff climb! 

The goal I was talking about was also given away in the title... pumpkin spice bagels!!! 

I've been wanting to make bagels since the beginning of summer- since I LOVE bagels, but will only eat them if they're whole wheat. Also, I love pumpkin if you couldn't tell.. 

I followed this recipe, but changed it to use whole wheat and zero sugar. Although the bagels are quite dense, they are delicious. I would highly recommend making these if you're a bagel person. They aren't quite NY bagels, but still delicious. 

Here's me (sporting my new haircut for locks of love) with my friend Caitlin shaping the bagels:

A bit blurry, but it works. Here's a picture of the shaped bagels pre-boil:

Half boiled and half un-boiled:

bagels cooked, sitting on cornmeal (a little to much):

Delicious! I'm off to go to sleep so that I can have a very energy-efficient last day in California. Talk to you from New York! :)

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