Sunday, January 20, 2013

Coming Clean

First off: The winner to my giveaway is Meghan! Congrats- I'll be contacting you soon :)

Theres a lot I have to talk about in this post, so I'm just going to dive right in.

I'm not a full vegan anymore. Ever since mid-May to June I have been eating eggs. This is directly and only related to the fact that I can't eat gluten anymore. I tried the vegan, gluten free lifestyle from January to May, but it was not for me. Planning, stress, limited things to eat, all of the above were included in a gf/v diet. Going out with friends or family came impossible (besides salads), and simple things like gf breads and rolls I couldn't enjoy. My protein was also severely lacking, since gluten itself is a protein. I still don't eat meat or dairy (never will), and pride myself in a very vegan heavy diet. Things like gluten free bread (Rudis!) has eggs in it, as does some of my salads or if I am tired of tofu. I always try to buy local, organic, hormone free eggs from happy chickens. 

I don't have time to blog, and haven't blogged well or honestly for awhile. Although I post vegan recipes (which I obviously make and eat) it felt odd to post as a vegan while I'm not really a vegan anymore. I've been posting less, and worse posts. I've become so busy at school, volunteering, working out, and having a job that I don't have time to post anymore. I like to write about food and nature, but attempting to keep up with a blog has been a lot. I also have to blog and Facebook for my work, which then adds to the stress of trying to plan my own posts.

I've enjoyed this blog, and this isn't goodbye. I may come back, I may change my blogs name, but my recipes will be here for awhile. I'll still read everyone else's blogs- and comment when I want, so I'm not disappearing. Maybe I'll come on every once in awhile and post something great- but who knows. I'll have to see as the time goes on. Thanks for reading, commenting, and the support. Write to you soon :)

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