Thursday, October 4, 2012

Quinoa Salad part two!

Even though it doesn't look like it, I have been cooking, almost every day in fact. A lot of the times it's been lentils, stir fries, or more recently quinoa salads! I get a farm box every other week, so I try and incorporate whatever is in my box into my salads. This past week I got beets, kale, swiss chard, onions, pears, apples, and mushrooms. I used some of this in a salad I made this morning..

-1 cup quinoa (any color)
-2 cups water
-1 onion or shallot (I used a shallot)
-1 pre-cooked beet
-a bunch of kale
-red bell pepper
-half a can of pumpkin
-spices! [I used- curry, paprika, turmeric, garlic powder, and pepper]

1. place quinoa and water in a pot and bring water to a boil. Let simmer for 10 minutes

2. While thats hanging out, start sautéing your onions or shallots

3. Once shallots/onions look done, sprinkle some curry powder on the onions. Add beets

4. After ten minutes of the quinoa cooking, add your pumpkin, and stir

5. Keep stirring both sides

6. Once the beets look slightly toasty, add the kale

7. Stir and let all veggies cook. The quinoa should be done around now..

8. Add the cut up bell pepper to the pot, as well as the quinoa

And.... stir! yum!

:) I now have meals for three days straight... which is perfect since I am super busy starting tomorrow morning.


  1. Beets make everything so pretty!

  2. Really pretty--beets as a natural food coloring.

  3. Wow! I just think quinoa is the greatest. And hoping we don't find some crazy arsenic init or something. Just found a great price on organic from Costco and super delighted. Think my hubby will be living on it this year!