Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shoulder-less workouts

Tomorrow I will be 11 weeks out of shoulder surgery. I've been out of the sling for 6 weeks, and can't believe how good I feel. I can raise my arm above my head, and have almost full rotation everywhere else. The only thing I'm restricted on is weight bearing- since I'm not allowed to lift over 2 pounds until I hit 12 weeks. That allows time for the anchor in my bone to set..

I've still been working out even though I can't ride my bike or run, and of course I still can't climb.
Here's a peak at my day at the gym:

20 min stair treadmill- intervals
15 min treadmill at highest incline- intervals of walking
30 crunches- each ten crunches sit up and hold for ten seconds
30 penguins
20 leg lifts
20 frogs
Cool down:
one mile on the stationary bike

I love the feeling after you get from working out- especially since I know I'll be able to hike and run again soon...

Last week I went back to Boulder for orientation.

I'm moving there in about two weeks and I'm pretty excited. Especially since a new restaurant recently came to town... Native Foods!

Native Foods is an all vegan chain restaurant, that started in So Cal (I think). I lOVE their salads, as shown above. Huge, delicious, and so filling. I can't wait to eat out there a lot.

I'm also almost done with my summer chemistry class, which is probably the most exciting aspect of my summer. I'm so ready to be down with homework and 8 AM lectures!!!! Especially since... the day after my final I'm going to Yosemite to go camping for the weekend!

Before I leave you to sleep before my class.. enjoy this picture of a friend I made on campus yesterday morning..

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  1. Looks like you've been eating so well in California, Has my stomach grumbling for good food. Glad that you're on the road to being recovered!