Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Help! Advice needed!

Hey readers.. I'm in Boulder, moved in and content. However, I'm posting a quick post asking for the opinions of other vegans (or vegetarians!).... how do you deal with living with three big meat eaters? Not that there is anything wrong with people who eat meat, but watching one of my roommates cut up bright red beef (aka a cow!) in front of me eating dinner made me nauseous and lose my appetite.. I'm not sure how to deal with this, as I've never had to experience people cooking fish in crock pots in our kitchen, or large meat eaters living next to me.. How? Help!!

This is my version of "meat" a vegan, gluten free chili dog...

Feel free to comment- I'd love to hear some advice!


  1. Ask Nanny! I feel like I've talked to her about this before.
    Maybe introduce them to delicious vegan food!

  2. Educate, educate, educate.... Offer literature and proof... the rest will follow... Also share your compassion and make it known, respect will follow....