Saturday, July 14, 2012

vegan Dal and cooking nights

A few nights ago, my vegan friend Emily came over to cook and hang out. Emily and I have been friends from high school, and we have cooked a lot together over the years. This time, I was super set on making Dal, an indian lentil soup. We also made baked asparagus and gluten free snickerdoodles (more on that later).

blurry Dal
I am going to make more Dal in the near future- so I will post a recipe then. The most successful dish of the night was definitely the red lentil Dal, which was a great consistency and made totally from scratch (even the tomato paste which had me yelping... I hate tomatoes...)

The asparagus was also delicious.. and quite simple.

baked asparagus and onion
All we did was spray a pan with olive oil, spread the asparagus and onion, crush garlic on top and bake for about 15-20 minutes at 400 degrees. yum!

The not so good looking, but delicious tasting dish of the night were the cookies. I've never made gluten free vegan snickerdoodles.... and they didn't turn out to be the right consistency.

They were really crumbly, and didn't stay together. Oddly, they tasted like churros... aka REALLY good. Not sure why or how that happened but it was pretty good... After we realized that, Emily and I tried to make a pan of just churro shaped cookies... it ended up like this:

woops! The cookie sheet still tasted great!

I had a really great time cooking with Emily, and I love trying out new recipes.. I'll be in Arizona this upcoming weekend, so expect a post about that!

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