Saturday, February 18, 2012

vegan at NYU 102

I recently discovered how to make an amazing dinner by combining dining hall food, and a few trader joe's products. There's no name for what I created, maybe vegan gumbo? or, stew? not sure... would like to know what other people think.

Basically all you do is get an entire thing of vegetables from the dining hall:

Throw it into tomato sauce on top of the stove:

Then keep on adding!

Then, add the spices while the pot is still on the stove:

Then go ahead and throw in some black beans, and heated up rice into the mix:

Keep the stew/gumbo/dish heated until your vegetables are soft, and everything is mixed.

This made a HUGE pot.. I can probably eat it for at least 5-10 more meals... It's incredible.

The things that are in this mix:
-bell peppers
-baby corn
-tomato sauce (tomatoes!)
-black beans
-brown rice
-garlic salt
-nutritional yeast

This gives you tons of different types of vegetables, a complete protein, whole grains, and a bit of B12 vitamins from the yeast. I can't rave about this enough.... So simple, not time consuming, and utilizing the dining halls. This recipe is also gluten free, as well as vegan.

Enjoy! :)

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