Monday, December 3, 2012

vegan gluten free pad thai

I absolutely adore pad thai, a thai food dish made from rice noodles, vegetables, some form of protein (tofu, meat, eggs), and a sweet and sour sauce. This is my go to dish when I go out to eat, and find myself at a thai restaurant. This past week was a rough one, and I needed some comfort food, so I made myself some pad thai.


-red bell peppers
-green onions
-rice noodles
-"pad thai" sauce (purchased from sprouts) [without fish sauce!]
-spices (chili powder, salt, pepper)

-cook broccoli in wok in a bit of water to soften
-add tofu, cook and occasionally stir until tofu is a bit browned
-add the rest of the vegetables
-sautee for a bit, let the veggies cook
-add the pre-softened noodles (read box)
-toss around a bit, then at the end add the sauce and spices
-enjoy :)

1 comment:

  1. Yum! It's been way too long since I've had pad thai.