Saturday, March 17, 2012

Boulder, Colorado

I'm back in NYC, after spending a week at home and then two days in Boulder, Colorado. I've never been there before, and it exceeded all of my expectations. Beautiful, friendly, and stunning are good words to describe Boulder.

That's a picture from the airplane, to show how beautiful the mountains are, even from super high up. 
Once we landed my father and I drove from Denver to Boulder, and walked around a bit before getting lunch. We ate at Walnut Cafe, which had vegan food and meat. Just from being in Boulder a few hours, I could tell how nice everyone was. The stunning view of the mountains probably has something to do with that. 

After lunch we walked around, talked to a few people, and took the city in. I walked along the creek that  was near our hotel, that goes through most of the city.

After some homework and rest we headed towards Pearl Street for dinner. We picked out Leaf Vegetarian, which is an upscale vegetarian restaurant. I mistakenly didn't take pictures of our dinner, but I did get a picture of dessert. For dinner Dad and I split the autumn salad, and the vegan enchiladas. The salad was one of the best we had ever had. There was spring mix, grilled butternut squash, pistachios, pears, onions, and a maple pumpkin vinaigrette. I definitely want to remake it as soon as possible. Next was the enchilada, which was a mix of vegetables in a corn tortilla with sauce, guacamole, and some sort of tomato thing. Very very good.
Up next was dessert:

I got the summer fruit salad which was grilled pear, a tofu ricotta, cut up pound cake, and espresso maple glaze. So so good, and very healthy for a dessert. My dad got a flour-less chocolate cake, which he said was delicious as well.

After a good nights rest we woke up and explored a bit more. 

The bottom two pictures are from the parking lot of Chautauqua park, which is at the bottom of the flat irons. There are dozens of hiking trails, and climbing areas around this park. It was an amazing view, and an amazing day to be there. 

After our mountain view, we stopped at Whole Foods for lunch before going back to Denver. They had the best salad bar I've ever seen, which make Boulder that much better. They even had kale!!! I enjoyed my two day trip to Boulder.. and hopefully I'll be back in the mountains soon :)

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